Monday, January 30, 2006

Screen Actors Guild - Best Ensemble

A big congratulations to the entire cast of LOST for their win at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Ensemble!

The update for episode 12, Fire & Water will be on Wednesday (since LOST is a repeat this week).




  1. Blogger meowbaby7 posted at Tuesday, January 31, 2006 3:36:00 AM  
    January 25 Veronica Mars put a fortune cookie fortune on her mirror and the numbers on it were 4 8 15 16 23 42.
  2. Blogger meowbaby7 posted at Tuesday, January 31, 2006 3:39:00 AM  
    January 25 Veronica Mars put a fortune cookie fortune on her mirror and the numbers on it were 4 8 15 16 23 42.
  3. Blogger Henry Holland posted at Thursday, February 02, 2006 12:26:00 AM  
    Wow, Malcolm still lives! I can't wait for Walt to come back. "Don't open it, Mr. Locke, don't open that thing". Um, too late, dude!
  4. Anonymous stephen posted at Sunday, February 19, 2006 12:11:00 PM  
    42 of the original 48 survivors were left at the end of Exodus. Arzt, Joanna, Scott, Boone and the Marshall died, and Ethan was found not to be a survivor. That leaves 42.
  5. Blogger TANIA posted at Sunday, April 16, 2006 8:11:00 PM  
    4 8 15 16 23 42

    4= ¿?

    8 and 15= is the number of the flight 815

    16= the years the french women have been in the jungle

    23= the number of the seat of jack

    42= the number of the seat of ana lucia the women that jack meet before they get in the airplane.

    I think so!!!!
  6. Anonymous Anonymous posted at Monday, August 14, 2006 8:46:00 AM  
    4 Nitroglycerinesticks exploded
  7. Anonymous Anonymous posted at Monday, September 04, 2006 11:00:00 AM  
    when Alex is helping Claire escape...there are 4 people in the operating room at the end of the hall

    I also saw some dharma logos...
    Right before Sawyer almost gets attacked by the shark and Michael kills it there is a shot of the shark's underbelly...right where the shark's tail is, there is a Dharma insignia...there is also one on the airplane in season two during Locke's flashback when he is in the parking lot meeting his father at the hotel.
  8. Anonymous Anonymous posted at Friday, September 08, 2006 7:00:00 AM  
    well there are a lot of coincidences!!!it seems like the numbers are somehow connected to all of the survivors.i think that the plane crash was planned long time ago by the hanso foundation.and the dharma stations on the island were created to somehow really save the world.
  9. Anonymous Anonymous posted at Wednesday, September 13, 2006 8:59:00 AM  




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